Healing Technologies of the Future – Trump’s words on June 14th, “Within a year or so, almost all hospital procedures will be OBSOLETE”.

Healing Technologies of the Future

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Ascension Talk with EldoRa Rose

Are you aware that you may very well live to 1,000 years or more? The kind of technology that’s just around the corner for humanity is truly EXCITING AF! Until now, these highly advanced and futuristic technologies have been HIDDEN from humanity by the Elitists and the Cabal, but not anymore now that they are losing their grip on this Planet!

Trump’s words on June 14th, “Within a year or so, almost all hospital procedures will be OBSOLETE”.   Every city will have these Med Beds, Tesla Chambers, Replicators, Anti-gravity propulsion, and more, capable of healing and repairing DNA and curing ANY AND ALL Ailments.

In my last video (Ascension Q&A), I shared with my viewers that we are all BABIES in Earth years and have several hundred years left to ENJOY ASCENDED NEW EARTH. The kind of ET technology that’s just around the horizon for us is going to more than make up for the absence of Hollywood for our entertainment, Haha!

Imagine a world that’s Cancer-free, disease-free, vaccine-free, autism-free where everyone is healthy, vibrant, and THRIVING. These Med beds even have the ability to re-grow organs including kidney, gall bladder, lymph nodes, etc through the use of Light Spectrum Frequencies.

CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO : https://bit.ly/38hZoPf

There are 3 types of Med Beds:
1) Holographic Med Beds;
2) Regenerative Med Beds which regenerates tissue and body parts, that’s powered by a different source;
3) Re-atomization Med Beds that in about 2-3 minutes will regenerate the whole human body, head to toe.

What does this advanced Technology mean for an 80-year old woman? She could be 30-years old again in less than 3 minutes. 50 years pealed off her life. Now, she can have children again. She could have a whole new family if she wants. It looks like to this writer that the Med Bed technology is a perpetual fountain of youth.

The Technology of the Med Beds is not from planet Earth. It is not human-created technology. It is a technology that has been given to humanity by off-world ETs. A Med Bed is based on tachyon particle energy and plasma (plasmatic) energy. The soil, the atmosphere, the water, everything is plasma energy, everything in the universe is plasma energy, it’s just a different form through vibrational frequency.

The Med Beds have Artificial Intelligence (AI) that’s controllable so it cannot get out of control and run wild.
The AI is the computer. It operates kind of like an MRI, where you sit in a tube and it rolls over your body and does a magnetic oscillation and resonance scan of your body to diagnose disease. The Med Bed scans your skin, your muscle tissue, all the organs, and everything in your body. It shows everything – all the way down to the micron level of the blood. It actually identifies your DNA and it does a complete internal analysis of the body. When it does that, it picks up any disease and any genetic imperfection. For example, you could have stage 4 leukemia, and on a Med Bed in about 2.5 minutes, you’re cured. No side effects.

And, if you had an organ cut out or removed from the body, the Med Bed’s re-atomization process regenerates that organ as if it was never removed. Because your body leaves a resonance – a vibrational frequency. The body always remembers when an organ has been removed or stopped operating, and the Med Bed’s artificial intelligence links into the body’s vibrational frequency and DNA to regenerate the organ.

When you are in this Med Bed, you don’t go through any pain, you don’t go through radiations. It’s not like some evil event. You go into a deep sleep. There’s no injection, no needles or anything. Your white hair is the color it was when you were in your twenties (20s). It’s the same for your eyesight, your hearing, your taste, your smell. Everything is restored to a perfected younger state again,” Rand says.

This is the new age for the new Earth and the new human race. It’s totally the opposite of what we’ve lived. These technologies are already here. It’s a matter of getting them safely – SAFELY – to the people that can use them.

The medical profession will evolve; nothing will be the same again.


EldoRa Rose
June 27, 2020


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