Saturn Moon Matrix Explained Pt. 1

Saturn Moon Matrix Explained Pt. 1

In the ancient past Saturn was associated with Kronos the god of time. Kronos is where we get the image of Father Time and the grim reaper from. The grim reaper carries a scythe because Saturn was also the god of harvest. As well of the god of judgment and a lot of other things. Saturn basically was THE god and most importantly the god of TIME.

Saturn, God of Time

Kronos heard a prophecy that one day one of his sons would usurp him as king – so like any rational god he ate all his children. The symbolism here shows us that time consumes everything it creates. It also shows us where Satanists got child sacrifice from because Saturn is actually Satan.


Not only is Saturn the 6th planet from the sun, but it also has a large hexagonal shaped storm on its North Pole. A six sided shape. You can easily find pictures of this taken by NASA. Scientists don’t know why this is. But if we look to cymatics (the study of how sounds affect materials) we can hypothesize that there could be some sort of frequency creating this geometrical shape (since we know regular storms do not form perfect angles).

Oddly enough, a low frequency sine tone creates a hexagon in a medium (such as water/sand/whatever). I say this is odd because the sine wave looks like a serpent, like Satan. Also reminds me of the Uroboros (the snake biting it’s own tail to representing infinity) Kind of a stretch, but the Bible also tells us we die because of sin.. or is it sine? What if sine wave is another way of saying time wave? Saying we die because of sin could really mean we die because of time, which is true. Now we’re told time is money and money is time – well turn the sine wave on its side and it looks like a $. Now who runs this world? The love of money is the root of all evil.

Sine Tone in Saturn?

Sine Wave/Serpent


Saturn is the 6th planet from the sun, has a 6 sided shape on its North Pole, AND the 6th day of the week is Saturn-day! The black mass! The day satanists worship.

Now if you take a hexagram and draw some lines on the inside you get a necker cube. This is an important symbol, the cube of Saturn. You can find them everywhere. Do a google search on them. They are even a part of the world’s largest religions. Certain sects of Jews wear mini black cubes on their head when they worship. Muslims go to Mecca to worship at the Kabba – a giant black cube! They even walk around it counter clockwise like the rings of Saturn. The United Nations have a black cube in their “meditation room” as well.

Saturn’s Cube

More Cubes

Mecca’s Cube (Kabba)

UN’s Cube

Now let’s take a look into pop culture – the cube is all over the place here as well. And of course we, the conspiracy theorists, know “THEY” love to hide little messages about what “THEY” know in the movies.

The transformers features a powerful robotic cosmic cube. Hellraiser features a magical cube that takes you to a hellish dimension. The avengers features a “tesseract”. The name tesseract literally means 4 dimensional cube – the fourth dimension being time. A Wrinkle in Time features a tesseract as a way to travel across space and time. Interstellar also features a tesseract – the weird dimension behind the bookshelf in existing in the past, present, and future. Funny how the wormhole they go through at the beginning of the movie was near Saturn.

My favorite movie however is 2001 Space Odyssey, directed by Stanley Kubrick. The movie features a black cube like structure capable of transporting things through time. Astronauts from the future find this monolith on one of Jupiter’s moons. Ironically, the story originally had it as one of Saturn’s moons but for some reason it was changed. When they find it it emits a loud FREQUENCY.

Is this what’s inside Saturn? A Black Cube emitting a low sine tone? I kind of think so. It reminds me of the Stark Trek episode where this one planet is run by a computer that manifests the thoughts of people’s worst fears.

My theory is that Saturn is a supercomputer of sorts, an AI intelligence, that has created a matrix for our souls to get lost in. Remember how Elon Musk called AI “the demon”? What if we already created it long ago and we’ve been trapped in a time loop? History repeats right?

Saturn’s rings work like a giant broadcasting system, and the frequencies from Saturn are being amplified through them and sent to the moon and relayed to Earth. Our brain has been highjacked by this satanic frequency and has made us experience this false reality or illusion.


I forget the name of the scientist but there’s a whole book on it “Saturn’s Ringmakers” or something like that – that talks about how there’s photographic evidence of mile long alien ships building the rings and fixing them up. Maybe they’re reinforcing their machine? And maybe “they” are the reptilians and need this matrix to cause us distress and suffering so they can feed off our negative energy.

‘Ringmakers’ in Action

Now there’s still a lot more to this. The DWave quantum computers are designed to look like… giant black cubes. Now who uses these? CERN. Both are thought to be responsible for the mandela effect. Have scientists hacked the matrix and found a way to edit reality? Is there a massive quantum computer inside Saturn? Is CERN a portal to Saturn/hell? I also want to talk about language and how it’s the code/software that programs this matrix. Using the languages of this world only solidify the illusion but we can actually use our words to bend it. This is what spells and incantations are. Or what we call today affirmations.

D-Wave Computer

More later..

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